Mini Forex Trading

There are times when trading demo money failed to create the same sentiments as trading your hard earned money. You may trade $200,000 without blinking an eye in a demo account but when real money is at stake, your mind is going to make you react in a different way than in paper trading.

Ready to ditch your demo account for live trading but not sure if you can tolerate the risks? Get a mini forex account! The amount of money needed to open a regular forex account is already small, but a mini account minimum amount is even smaller. With a minimum investment of $200, a mini forex account is perfect for newbie and those with little capital. A regular forex account will require 10 times more money. This may just be the bridge you need to learn about funds management and get a taste of live trading without getting your fingers burned. Read the rest of this entry »

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Forex Dictionary: What is Forex Trading Platform?

The entire concept of the forex trading platform is designed to bestow the opportunity of quick and effortless trading by the employment of live streaming prices, which are being generated constantly. This trading platform is very functionally advanced. At the same time, the trader is also conferred with the user friendly features to enhance the trading schemes.

The Incorporations in the Forex Trading Platform
So what does the trading platform include? It includes the several important features like the brokerage services which can be executed through the net, which also includes the dealing desk and the back office. These platforms are also designed to aid the active and deft forex traders who need various analytical and technical tools in hand to further enhance their trading skills. These tools are completely customised and tailored with the trading platforms which are constructed under the concept of modules. There are many types of things which are featured in the forex platform like the advanced charts, the alerts, the market orders, the live quotes, the historic quotes and the integrated market news. At the same time, the forex platforms are also about the trading systems and much market news. Read the rest of this entry »

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Online Forex Trading System

Forex online trading system can be bought for a fee, available for free or developed or customized by investors based on their own experience and what works for them. The latter is also the best way around as no one is willing to share foolproof trading strategies if they are constant winners. After all, forex experts do not share the same idea on which day trading systems and tools being the best.

When a trading tool is opaque, its full potential and analysis is not clear. When a tool is transparent, its outcome is immediately understood and obvious to see. The book ‘Getting Started in Forex Trading Strategies’ by Michael Duane Archer, “Indicators are generally opaque. Charts are transparent.” An investor can be a ‘take and run’ scalper or hold open position for long term, each with their own set of strategies. All the while, the fundamentals of trading systems don’t change. Read the rest of this entry »


Forex Dictionary: What is Forex Demo Account

Because Forex is not an aided trading where traders can get forecast and opinions from all kinds sources as comparison, anyone who want to jump in the Forex bandwagon must first learn to use the trading softwares and reading trends on their own. Unfortunately, many people either dive in blindly or trade paper trading in Forex demo account for real transactions before its time. Read the rest of this entry »


Types of Forex Alerts

The first category of the forex alerts are sent at the duration of every twenty four hours while the other category of forex alerts are only sent at the time of some crucial occurrence. Some of the companies charge for these alerts while others do it for free, as soon as the clients subscribe to their site. The companies have their own fixed formulas on which they decide the time span in which the alerts have to be sent. So, ultimately it depends on the trader whether which kind of forex alerts he would want. Read the rest of this entry »


Forex Dictionary: What is Forex Alerts?

For those who are new to forex, the concept of forex alerts is very beneficial. These alerts inform the forex traders regarding the latest developments which have been occurring in the forex trading market. At times, these alerts also incorporate the advices from the sides of the recognized experts of forex trading so that the newbie donot commit the disastrous mistakes.

Forex alerts can be sent both through the text messages and through the mails. Several forex brokerage firms or independent brokers have the feature of forex alerts. Read the rest of this entry »


Types of Forex Accounts

Forex trading accounts are beneficial for innumerable forex traders as they aid in monitoring the twists and turns of the FX market. With these accounts, the traders can get ample time to indulge into different activities and still earn in trades and investments. With the features, conferred by the forex accounts, the risk tolerances involved in the sale and purchase of currency quotes is minimized. At the same time, for the rookie foreign exchange traders can again enormous amount of insight through the accounts. Read the rest of this entry »

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Forex Dictionary: What is Margin?

Margin is defined as the amount of money required in your account to maintain your market positions using leverage. For example, if you are in an open position for $20,000 using a 100:1 margin, then your account balance should be no less than 1% of that amount. This is simply because you can usually trade up to 100 times the money you actually have. Similarly, if your broker require a 2% margin, you have a 50:1 leverage. Read the rest of this entry »


Forex Day Trading Indicators

Investors are never short of day trading systems, methods, and timing indicators to refer to when exercising day trading. Knowledge on how to use multiple day trading indicators is crucial to enter and exit the market profitably. Below are some day trading indicators and their properties:

Moving Average (MA) Indicators
Made popular by Richard Donchian more than half a century ago, MA is used to determine the time to buy and sell. Essentially, it is ideal to buy when the price is above the MA and sell when closing is below the MA. Because MA is a lagging indicator, it will help investors gain profits after a trend has commence when holding open position. Due to the same reason however, investors following the MA will also tend to exit after the change of a trend, giving up part of their profits in the process. Different sets of MAs can therefore be used as cross references to minimize this problem and to forecast more accurate outcomes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Forex Day Trading Strategy

Some commonly used forex trading strategies includes volatility breakouts, price channels breakouts, moving average crossovers, indicator-based systems, bar patterns, swing based strategies and so forth. Some are more complex than others and they all have a certain level of effectiveness and weaknesses. Traders will pick and choose to combine a few of these strategies that has worked for them in the past to trade on a regular basis. Hence, the basic considerations when selecting or devising a trading strategy is its objectivity, consistency and its completeness. Read the rest of this entry »