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Which Forex Strategy is the Best?

Staying on top of forex trading, needs the best forex strategy, wherein you can continuously use all throughout the trade and still not lose in the game or can upgrade and develop over time. Such strategies should keep maximizing your profits and giving you a big slice of the forex cake.

But did you know that to establish the best forex strategy, it is important for a trader to understand other strategies that the market has been dealing with for sometime? These strategies will be your basis in formulating your own workable forex strategy.

Normal Trading Day. This happens when the market is experiencing a normal trading day, wherein the currency price begins quite below or above 75ma. Next, it stretches a little, and then back to 75ma. This event refers to a certain currency being stable, showing the smallest sign that you should make some adjustment son your position.

Slow Trading Day. This happens when the market is witnessing a slow trading condition, wherein the currency price starts at 200ma, but stretches no over than 20pips,a and goes back to 200ma on that same trading day. When it happens, this paves the way to a normal trading day. After which, you make some adjustments on your strategy because it indicates stability of the value of currency.

Fast Trading Day. It happens when the market is having a fast trading day, wherein the currency price is quite below or above 21ema. It ascends and descends afterwards. Then, returns to 21ema. This signifies optimistic movements of the features that affect the mother country's currency, although such movements can be both for the good or bad.

Big Range Day. This pertain to the lows and highs of the range of the subject - that is 20pips apart. It signifies the currency's instability. It can also be good or bad. At this case, your strategy should be flexible enough for anything that might happen.

Any forex strategy have to be taken with flexibility, vigilance and utmost caution. Most traders have learned to establish their own strategy to ensure the success of their financial ventures. However, there is no perfect or absolute forex strategy or method over time. Strategies have to be updated and enhanced every now and then because the market conditions are dependent on a per day basis.

To learn the real art of forex trading is never that easy. It takes a lot of patience, observation, critical mindedness, awareness, motivation, wisdom, and understanding to really get into the business for the longest time.

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