How to Find the Best Forex Software For Trading - 2

The question is, what are we looking for in automated forex trading software? Taking each requirement in turn, we want:

  1. To get the software at a reasonable price
  2. The software to be easy (or at the very least, straightforward) to set up and get running
  3. To be guaranteed high profits once it is up and running
  4. To be guaranteed a high proportion of successful trades (or, put another way, few losing trades)
  5. The software to be fully customisable (more for when the user has gained more experience)
  6. To get free trading software updates
  7. To be able to purchase from a trusted source
  8. A high level of customer service from the software vendor
  9. The opportunity to test the trading software for a period on a demo account
  10. A “no questions asked” 100% money back guarantee

Though not exhaustive, this check list will give you a decent idea of how to find the best forex software for online trading, as not all automated trading systems will have all, or even many, of these essential requirements.

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